When art meets technology

We create products that are fully adapted to the needs that you and your company have.

To find the right proprieties for your final product, we use the most advanced technology, X-ray inlcuded.


Drying Department

We have 35 years of experience to achieve homogeneous drying of the tens of thousands of pieces of wood that go to be spliced.

Our attention is maximum, we guarantee our customer values +- 1% compared to those established.

4 drying chamber available

Cutting Department

The use of optical scanners for the selection of defects guarantees an objective evaluation, a constant and certified quality.

Every piece coming from our cut-off machines is re-tested before being spliced, in order to guarantee total compliance with the order.

5,420,000.00 linear metres cut off in 2019

Finger jointing Department

Only the use of appropriate technology applied to systems and tools can guarantee a perfect seal of the joint over time.

We have chosen the best of what is available on the market without compromise.

24,315.00 cubic metres joined in 2019

Planing Department

Thanks to our three planing lines we are able to supply the jointed, planed and shaped elements according to the technical drawing that our customer requires from us.

The degree of precision (+- 0.1mm) allows us to use our semi-finished products by bonding them directly in subsequent gluing phases for the production of panels or door panels.

4,065,587.00 linear meters planed in 2019